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Aircon Maintenance information and services page. When it comes to Aircon Maintenance. And Aircon Servicing. We recommend that aircons are regularly maintained. We don’t recommend this to make more money. We suggest this because it has been a proven fact. That a regular aircon check-up. Prolong’s the lifespan of your aircon system. Your aircon will perform better. And are more energy-efficient. Air Conditioning Maintenance. And Air Conditioning Servicing is ten times more affordable. Than Aircon Repairs. Or Aircon Replacements.

Aircon Servicing

Professional Aircon Maintenance By The Experts Aircon Durban!

Preventative Maintenance

Aircon MaintenanceHere at Air Conditioning Durban. We can provide you with an affordable. Preventative Aircon Maintenance schedule. And the contract that will not only suit your pocket. But also suit your aircon system. Our maintenance contracts. Are well-known to prolong the lifespan of any air conditioning system. Ensuring that you never need to repair. Or replace your aircon system.

It’s vital that you protect your investment. By prolonging the lifespan of your aircon. As well as ensure that your aircon is always running efficiently. And maintained regularly.

Aircon Maintenance Schedule

In a residential environment. It’s recommended that your aircon is maintained at least twice a year. Once in spring. And again in autumn. Other more critical aircon environments such as server rooms. Shopping centers. Retail stores. And restaurants require more frequent AC Maintenance visits.

Common Aircon Maintenance Symptoms

Aircon MaintenanceThere is no better time than springtime. To have your Aircon Serviced. Most often problems are spotted during Routine Aircon Maintenance. And stopped before they develop into larger. More expensive problems. Provided below is a list of some of the more common symptoms of. Poorly Maintained Aircons. If your aircon systems start showing any of the following signs. It’s time to have them serviced. Before it’s too late. Symptoms include. Poor Airflow. Stale Odors. Loss of Performance. Dirty Appearance. Sludge in Drain Line. Increased in Energy Bills. Prone to Freezing. Leaking Water. High-Pressure Alarm. And Low-Pressure Alarm.

Aircon Brands We Maintain

We are certified. And qualified to provide Air Conditioning Maintenance to all major air conditioning brands. We provide. Samsung Air Conditioning Maintenance. LG Air Conditioning Maintenance. York Air Conditioning Maintenance. Hisense Air Conditioning Maintenance. Daikin Air Conditioning Maintenance. Fujitsu Air Conditioning Maintenance. Panasonic Air Conditioning Maintenance. Toshiba Air Conditioning Maintenance. And Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Maintenance.

For more information. Or help regarding our Aircon Maintenance Services. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 074-035-3113. Or send an email.

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