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Aircon Maintenance is a service provided by Pintos Air Conditioning Durban. We provide inexpensive Air Conditioning Maintenance in Durban. To ensure that your AC is always operating at its best. As well as reducing the chances of your aircon breaking or needing expensive repairs by up to 70%.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important?

Your Air Conditioning system has moving parts, much like a motor vehicle does. And like a motor vehicle. That requires service after every few thousand kilometres. Your aircon needs a service to avoid those expensive repairs. Maintain the quality of air and comfort. As well as prolong the lifespan of your AC unit by keeping it in tip-top working condition.

Why Choose Aircon Maintenance Durban

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Aircon Maintenance Service In Durban!

There are many reasons we can think up for you to use us. However, provided below are three main reasons why we believe you should choose our AC Maintenance Durban service.

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6 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Maintenance

  • High Electricity Costs – When you notice your electricity bill is higher than usual.

  • Poor Air Flow – Notice less air coming from your aircon, this can be from blocked filters.

  • Noisy Aircon – When your air con is making more noise or is louder than usual.

  • No Air From Aircom – If there is no air coming from your aircon. This could mean Blocked Filters or the fan is not working.

  • Aircon Making Strange Sounds – When you hear strange mechanical. Or loud sounds coming from the aircon.

  • Warm Air – When warm air is blowing instead of cool air, or cool air is blowing instead of warm air.

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I highly recommend Air Conditioning Durban. The guys are professional, on-time, friendly and efficient.
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Jason Customer
Everyone I dealt with from start to finish was great. I will definitely be using Air Conditioning Durban again.
5 Star
Lauren Customer
Ive used plenty of ac companies in the past, but never one as good as Air Conditioning Durban, superb service!
5 Star
Johannes Customer


FAQHow Much Does Aircon Mainteance Cost?

Air Conditioning Maintenance costs may vary depending on the type of maintenance required. Costs start from as little as R550 going upwards.

FAQWhen Do I Need Aircon Maintenance?

Air Conditioning Maintenance is necissary when your aircon starts leaking. Makes strange sounds or no longer performs the way it did when you first got it.

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